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Variable Message Signs Hire

Variable Message Signs Hire

Variable message signs are electronic devices that can change their content. VMS signs for hire are generally used by government agencies, such as highway departments or transportation authorities, to convey information about traffic conditions or events. But what if you wanted one of those for your own business? It’s completely possible.

Types of VMS signs

Indicator lights;

In this type of VMS, the lights are individually controlled and indicate traffic flow at each lane. However, this type of sign is expensive and can only be used to display up to one message at a time.

Mechanical signs;

Mechanical VMS use rotating, lighted cylinders with letters to display messages. They are inexpensive and can display many messages at once but are only effective when a single authority controls all the traffic lanes in an area and the pattern of flow stays consistent

Electromechanical signs;

Most people think of this when they hear the “variable message sign.”These electronic components change the message based on inputs like traffic flow patterns. They can also be used to control lane patterns, but their flexibility makes them quite expensive.

Digital signage;

Usually consists of a video screen that displays, in sequence, different messages using text, graphics, or video images. The messages can be updated remotely with little or no notice to the public and used as a form of outdoor advertising and display news bulletins or advisories to inform citizens about an emergency (such as impending severe weather).

Variable message boards;

The messages are posted on the board and can be changed by an external source.

VMS signs for hire

Features of VMS

VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion is designed to provide an integrated desktop experience with a single download on Mac OS X Yosemite or later (running on your Mac), Windows Vista SP2, or later (running on any modern PC).

Oracle VM Server for x86

Oracle VM Server for x86

Is the least expensive solution at $35. In this configuration, a virtual machine can access 16GB of RAM and two vCPUs.

Additional Features

  • Optimal five-colour LED full matrix quality (red, green, blue, white, amber).
  • 24/7 operation using backup batteries and solar power
  •  Remote programming using a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone that has internet access, UV-resistant screens with automatic lighting control,
  • Complete animations and graphics. Multiple languages are available for message display.
  • GPS: tamper alarm and satellite tracking made in Australia


The chances are that you will come across VMS signs for hire while on your travels. It is an excellent way to know what is happening in the area you are exploring. A VMS might be a sign telling you where the nearest petrol station is located or a message from emergency services informing residents and visitors of any potential problems. There are many other examples, such as messages about roadworks and industrial action.

Skyla Howell