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HDB digital locks for top-level security in your house

HDB digital locks for top-level security in your house

Our house safety is extremely vital to us. The fear of theft and trespassing is common to the public. An investment in security is never wasted. Locks protect us and our house from thieves. However, there are many instances of breaking and picking conventional locks. With the digital age came digital solutions. Digital locks are much safer than conventional locks. They contain a number pin password making it harder for others to break in. hdb digital lock are one of the few locks that are the best security choice.

An overview of locks

Locks have been around for ages. If we mark a particular time stamp in history exact point where the use of locks started was nearly 6000 years ago. Now we know they have been around for a long time, do you know who invented them though? The answer would be Egyptians. The ruins of the city of Nineveh which is also the capital of ancient Assyria showed numerous shreds of evidence of wooden pick locks that might have been used by the people back then. However, the invention of mechanical locks during the renaissance period which would be the year 1270 to 1300.

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Types of locks:

Sounds funny right? But there are many types of locks used for various purposes.

  1. Knob locks: the most basic type of locks. The cylinder lock is present inside the knobs themselves. They can be easily broken by a hammer or a rock.
  2. Cam lock: It is common for external doors, cabinets, desks, displays, etc. they have a bolt that is pushed to position into a metal tube to hold the door from opening.
  3. Padlocks: They are usually used for a door or a container. They are big in size and difficult to break.
  4. Keypad locks:these are the digital version of locks. The door locks consist of a numerical keypad where a password is entered to open the lock.
  5. Smart locks: They are electronic locks that can lock or unlock through a phone or key fob. Many smart locks can be controlled by wifi or Bluetooth which provides greater security than others. They also notify us of every lock and unlock or any trespassing.

Why should we use digital locks?

There are various reasons to choose digital locks. HBD digital locks are much more secure than conventional locks, they can’t be broken easily. Many of the digital locks even notify us of an alert when an unauthorized unlock occurs. Losing keys is not a problem with digital locks. The password can not be seen on the display when entering, making it even safer. Unlike conventional locks, the keys can not be duplicated or copied.

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