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Top-rated professional hair trimmer for salon

Top-rated professional hair trimmer for salon

A salon is a place people go to acquire cosmetic services which include hair styling, nail services, and makeovers. Based on surveys, the global spa and beauty industry was worth nearly 129 billion dollars in the year 2017. This is estimated to grow to 191 billion dollars in 2024. Unlike in the past, more and more people are now employing the services of salons for their care. They employ these services when there are special occasions and on a routine basis. With the increase in the number of customers, there have been a lot of salons opening around the world. To distinguish themselves, salons have to offer customers the best service. To offer the best service, it becomes crucial to possess the best tools. One of the most common services that are offered and used is haircare. So, to be popular a professional hair trimmer for salon must be possessed.

8 Best Cordless Hair Clippers For Professionals & Beginners

  • Wahl magic clip – It is a cordless product designed for both mass hair removal and delicate hair handling. It has a compact design that provides easy handling for the user. It has an adjustable taper level which allows for fine detailing for the hair. As a cordless trimmer, professionals can take it with them when they must go outside their shops. But the accessories are limited which makes it not an ideal product for trimming the beard.
  • BaBylissPRO GoldFX – With a metal coating, this product is available in both corded and cordless forms. With about 8 attachments, this product can be used as a clipper and a trimmer with no issues. It allows for stylish trims and its Ferrari-inspired motor ensures that the machine will not overheat. Coming with a 2-year warranty, this product is a great buy, provided customers can find this product in a store to buy.
  • Andis Slimline Pro Li – It is a cordless trimmer meant for fine detailing facial hair. It is designed to provide great grip and its powerful motor ensures that the product does not overheat due to continuous usage. While durable, the product takes about 2 hours to fully charge. Once charged, users can get up to 2 hours of usage from the product.
  • Gamma+ Absolute Hitter – A cordless trimmer with a chrome body, this product comes with blades that are corrosion-proof. The frame is customizable to have 12 unique designs. For a professional salon, this makes their service more unique. It possesses a powerful battery that provides 4 hours of usage for just 2 hours of charge. While it is durable, its cost is slightly expensive for the average salon.

Professionals must be sure that they are prepared for all situations. A professional hair trimmer for salon can be the best way to be sure regarding that.

Skyla Howell