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K&qfatt Will Get Your Business Going And Hassle-Free

The cooking area is the heart of a food retail store because it is where all the action occurs and where chefs create. Restaurant work stations must be outfitted with commercial kitchen equipment designed specifically for restaurant use.

At KQF, they will collaborate with international partners to acquire brands that our clients prefer. By providing products and services of superior quality, they intend to provide you with the optimal refrigeration solution. Their commercial kitchen’s refrigerators and freezers maintain a constant temperature in order to preserve the food’s freshness.

Examine the commercial kitchen apparatus:

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Commercial Kitchen Refrigerator Importance

A refrigeration system is essential to any food and beverage business. The most popular method for storing perishables such as dairy, fish, and even cooked foods is a commercial kitchen refrigerator. By utilizing this appliance, you can rest assured that your customers will be served food that adheres to health and safety regulations.

Installing a durable refrigeration system ranging from refrigerators to freezers and cold rooms is as simple as considering the available space and storage needs of your food establishment.


New Cold Room Engineering Construction Procurement (EPC)

The KQF design team has amassed a vast amount of industry knowledge, expertise, and professional experience in the construction and design of a variety of cold rooms over many years.

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KQF provides end-to-end services beginning with a general plan, extending to the best project plan, a design plan, and concluding with engineering installation, testing, commissioning, and after-sales services.

At every stage of the project, their team will provide feedback and updates to ensure that your work is current and proceeding smoothly.

Disassemble and reinstall existing cold room systems for refurbishment.

As passionate and competitive designers, they ensure that their clients receive first-rate service. If you wish to dismantle or refurbish the existing cold room systems, their highly skilled engineers will go above and beyond to verify and ensure that minimal work is required.

With rising construction and maintenance costs, their team will go over the numbers with you to ensure that the costs generate a return on investment as quickly as possible.

Construction and design of blast chillers and freezers

Blast freezers reduce the amount of time food is exposed to room temperature and high temperatures, thereby decreasing the risk of pathogenic bacteria growth. In contrast, blast chilling helps preserve freshness and flavor. For the preservation of factory-made perishable foods, a customized and unique blast chilling system is essential.

After sales service & maintenance

At KQF, after-sales service maintenance plans are developed with the customer in mind. In addition, they provide customers with operational and safety training to alleviate any concerns regarding cold storage projects.

At k&qfatt, you will receive high-quality goods and services, and your business will flourish. Buy now!

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