Sanexas Treatment: How Is It Effective To Control Pain?

Sanexas Treatment: How Is It Effective To Control Pain?

People are so much afraid when it comes to pain. They usually say that when they are in pain, their life would be in pain as well. For them, they can’t work well and can’t do their daily usual routines when in pain. How can pain distract a person’s productivity in a day?

Well, this is serious thinking that must not be complicated by finding the right solution to pain. With sanexas pain control solutions for doctors, they can help you eliminate the pain you are suffering from.

What is sanexas and how it can deal with pain?

Sanexas is an electric cell signaling machine that uses electrical signals for treating pain and circulatory conditions. The machine is like a traditional TENS unit. But it has a larger size and can penetrate deeper, which is effective in reducing pain. The pharmaceutical frequencies, strength, and associated harmonics are greater compared to the typical TENS unit. So, it is why well-trained medical professionals are present when used.

What does it treat?

Sanexas can treat the following:

  • Radiculopathy/Neuropathy
  • Improves nerve regeneration and health
  • Muscle spasms relaxation
  • Chronic intractable pain relief
  • Neuromuscular training and reeducation
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Prevents retardation of disuse atrophy
  • Post-traumatic pain syndromes
  • Chronic/acute pain conditions
  • Improved organ/tissue function

All these can be treated by the said device. But, keep in mind that only professionals can work on this. You can never rely on this to anyone, or else, you may be facing more problems.

How does it work?

Before the treatment begins, a diagnosis is made by the medical professional, and prescribe a treatment plan. Then, the dosage levels will depend on the patient’s demands and medical conditions. The patient receives a set of injections of the blend of vitamins. The injections and blends are options to improve the treatment but are not required.

The doctor sprays the sponges and places them inside the suction cups. It will be attached to the sanexas machine and attached to the patient’s area of concern. The medical professional attaches the sponges with a wrap once the patient feels pain in the feet and hands. MOsy patients reported that the treatment has an enjoyable and relaxing treatment experience.

Patients say that the device makes them feel a gentle massage and pulsation. The vibrating effect of the device makes the treatment feel like they are just having a massage. Yes, the treatment is not harmful nor can be painful.

Skyla Howell