Here’s How To Tell If Your Stone Crab is Fresh

Here’s How To Tell If Your Stone Crab is Fresh

Buying stone crabs from the seafood shop is easy. You can easily inspect the product and determine its freshness before you pay for it at the cashier. However, this can be a challenge when you purchase them online. If you are buying stone crabs in Hollywood, Florida, you have an option to do both, online and directly visit the fresh seafood store market in Billy’s Stone Crab.

Billy’s Stone Crabs

Billy’s Stone Crabs is very well known to offer the best seafood market and restaurants in South Florida. They have the stone crab season’s finest, freshest, and top-quality stone crab and other seafood. Since its inception in 1975, Billy’s has grown from being a seafood market and restaurant to incorporating fishery, a great selection of wines, and amazing dining spaces in Hollywood.

At Billy’s fishers take the claws off from the crabs and they are returned to the water. This does not harm the crustaceans since their claws regrow in a year. And once the claws are harvested, they are cooked right away, chilled, and then delivered. That is why at Billy’s their market and restaurants assure their customers of fresh crab meat every single time.

Fresh or Frozen?

When buying stone crabs and other seafood, you usually have an option to get it pre-cooked and frozen, or fresh. At Billy’s, you can be assured to buy fresh seafood. These taste better compared to those being sold frozen. Most people shop seafood at Billy’s for personal consumption. But most of the time, fisheries are buying here for reselling and there is no doubt that they can be sold easily if they are fresh, especially at restaurants.

So how can you tell if it’s fresh or frozen? This can be a challenge for an untrained eye. But usually, the sheen of the crab’s claws is the first thing to inspect if you want to determine its freshness. If it’s shiny, then it’s fresh. Also, the texture of the crab meat. If it’s freshly cooked, then it should be tender and juicy. Frozen crabs tend to be slimy to the touch and the meat is dry and sticks to the shell.

Always Go For Fresh Stone Crab Meat

If given a choice, always go for the fresh stone crab meat because it can be safer. Remember that crabs need careful handling to ensure that it’s safe for human consumption. If you are buying your crab meats fresh but you are not cooking and eating them right away. Then make sure that it’s stored in the freezer and consumed within 3 to 4 days.

But you have to remember that the longer the crab meat stays in the freezer, the lesser the quality becomes. That is why it is best to consider the amount of meat that you need for your meal before you buy at Billy’s. It is crucial that maintaining the temperature of the crab is followed. There should be no cracks as well to avoid potential problems that can lead to health issues once eaten.

Skyla Howell