How to decorate a pool during the holiday season 

How to decorate a pool during the holiday season 

If you own a swimming pool at the backyard of your home, you must be eagerly waiting for the holiday season to decorate it beautifully? If you are running out of plans or are too overwhelmed to start, we are here to help you. Wondering why should you trust us? As the best swimming pool contractor in Peoria, we have suggested and attended many pool parties of various prestigious clients. This time, we are spilling our secrets and sharing with all of you – free of cost!

Excited enough? Great, let’s delve into it.

Decorating items

No matter whichever space you want to decorate – indoor or outdoor – it’s incomplete without decorative lights. Swimming pool decoration is no exception to that. Use decorative lights on the trees, hedges and around the landscape. It will create a beautiful atmosphere around the pool.

Make sure that the decoration syncs with your pool type. You can either own an above the ground pool or in-ground pool. Usually, above the ground pool has a modern and artificial vibe whereas an in-ground pool may have a mystique and natural vibe. For the latter, red and yellow lanterns will do the trick whereas the former demands more of a modern lighting setup.

Gentle LED lights, artificial candles, free-floating orbs, coloured or white hue, magic lantern – you will be spoilt with choices when you look for the perfect lighting for your backyard swimming pool.

crafting a custom pool

Dining space

If you want to have an open-air dinner, the swimming pool can create a perfect ambience for you along with additional resources. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any day with outdoor dining set up beside the pool. Decorate the table with colours like gold, silver, green and red. Make sure that the cutleries and the table decoration has a holiday vibe going on. Many prefer to decorate the space with candle and pinecone while many opt for mini trees. Make your choice.

You can use some features that enhance the appeal of the swimming pool itself. For instance, you may add a mini waterfall in the pool to create a mystique vibe. Add some floating candles in the water to add charm to the ambience.

Make sure to keep the space warm. Also, use decorations as per the holiday vibe. A Christmas decoration will be very different from a Halloween one.

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Skyla Howell