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Guidelines for Buying a Used Car

Guidelines for Buying a Used Car

You’re at a dealership and you finally have the budget to buy your first car. Congratulations! But before you head out with that shiny new set of keys, take a look at these guidelines for buying used cars in rancho cordova.

Do Your Research

A lot of people get excited about buying a new car and just walk into the showroom without doing any research. But don’t do that! Instead, start researching what kind of cars are out there in your price range so that when you find one on the lot it’s not as unfamiliar to you. It’ll also make it easier for you to spot warning signs if something is too good to be true.

Get Prequalified

If you’re applying for a loan, get prequalified first. This will help you figure out what your total monthly payment would be and will also give you some peace of mind when signing the dotted line. And if you’re buying a car without a loan, make sure both the seller and the dealership know that so they can warn you when something doesn’t seem right. (It’s not always accurate, but it’s better than nothing. And knowing your credit score can help you decide how much of a car you can afford and whether you should look for a used or new car.)

Get the Car inspected

It’s the car equivalent of a home inspection. If a mechanic or professional inspector check out the cars undercarriage, they’ll be able to tell if there are any costly problems that weren’t reported by the seller. So don’t just take the dealer’s word for it! You’re also better off not buying from a private seller whose mechanic is likely working for free. And always pay for an inspection before you buy so that if there are any problems, it’s their problem, not yours.

Get the Car’s History Checked

There are a bunch of different sites where you can get a car’s history report. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System and Carfax are the most popular ones. They’ll let you know if there were any accidents or if the car was ever stolen. A history report won’t let you know everything though so don’t take it as a definitive source! But it is another tool to help you assess the condition of a used car. (If you’re buying from a private seller, at least get their name and contact information so that you can confirm if anything is amiss later on.)

Skyla Howell