2017’s Best Male Enhancement Pills

Pleasing a woman in bed is perhaps, one of the hardest challenges men face these days.

It seems that the adult films have raised their expectations really higher and they feel reluctant in settling anything less than perfection.

In order to cope up with the raised sexual standards of women, most of the men turn towards male enhancement products.

According to them, there is no better choice than using some natural and top quality brands, rightly meant for their needs.

Unquestionably, some male enhancement products are worthwhile; however, two names that enjoy the top spots in the category are:


Vigrx Plus

Then we have Vigrx plus, a product with mind-blowing benefits to offer. The significance of Vigrx plus can be judged by its powers to address all your sex related dilemmas with ease. Named after Viagra, the effects of Vigrx plus are pretty much relatable

Very often, people confuse VigRx plus with VigRX. Basically, both of these products are manufactured by a solo company, however, VigRX is the precedent version of this much powerful and cutting edge formula, VigRX plus.

Those who have used VigRX or are familiar with the product must have known its real worth. A formula like VigRX is more like a panacea for sexual problems in men. By this, you can easily imagine the effects of its advanced version!

The quality supplement can simply spark your dull sexual life in days and can give you unmatched sexual prowess for you to be her real man!


  • VigRX plus is manufactured and marketed by a company named Albion Medical.
  • The product is a much advanced formula of VigRX, produced by the same company.
  • Men who have tried VigRX plus have related its results with Viagra.
  • VigRX plus can naturally resolve your sex related problems in days.
  • VigRX plus has a very prominent name in the category of best male enhancement pills of 2017.
  • The supplement is the best buy for people with poor erections.
  • It can help you last longer and prolong your love making experience.
  • It is an excellent formula for those with low sex drive.
  • In fact, the libido enhancing properties of VigRX plus are truly commendable.
  • VigRX plus also bears fruit for men with penis enlargement needs.
  • VigRX plus falls into the category of top quality male enhancement pills.
  • The supplement is a propriety blend of herbal ingredients, all of which are accredited by FDA.
  • VigRX plus has nothing to do with the side effects!
  • It is a formula pure enough to be risk free!


  • Considerable surge in sex drive: Simply put, VigRX plus can take your sex drive to unimaginable limits. Principally, it is a libido enhancing agent with several other complementary effects. In addition to prolonged erections, the pills can also help you with solid erections.
  • It treats erectile dysfunction: VigRX plus is a natural answer for men with erectile dysfunction. It can ideally treat its symptoms like soft penile and premature ejaculations in days. A supplement like this can give you complete control on your ejaculation, for you to stop when she says stop!
  • Extreme orgasmic pleasure: All is well that ends well! The idiom seems to be very much relatable in the situation. VigRX plus can give you an intense and lasting feeling of orgasm you may have never experienced before. However with prolonged and powerful penetrations, you can give her the best of the best orgasms too!
  • Quality semen and heavy cum: VigRX plus is of utmost significance for couples who wish to conceive. The formula can support quality semen production, which can then increase the likelihood of conceiving. And yes, it can help with heavy ejaculations too. Your stamina is what plays the crucial part in lovemaking and with limitless stamina
  • Penile growth: As stated earlier, VigRX plus is a good deal for men who wish add some inches in the erected penile. The male enlargement effects of VigRX plus are truly impressive, though, a consistent use is a must! you can simply make those moments memorable.


The ingredients of VigRX plus are no different than the ingredients of its precedent version, VigRX! However, what makes it more advanced and full of value is the addition of three ingredients namely Damiana, tribulus and bioperine. The perfect mix of these ingredients makes your sex life as happening as possible!

The ingredients in the pills enable an uninterrupted and healthy supply of blood to the genital area. When more blood is shuttled, your sexual health, particularly your erections are more likely to improve. Other ingredients in VigRX plus, supports the production of testosterone. The male sex hormone is all good for your sex drive, stamina, mental peace, erection, sperm and many other things!

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Male Extra:

Male extra is a value-pack tool with brilliant male enhancement results to offer. It is a well-proven brand that can help you master the art of sex with ease. Men who have given it a try have found its use very fruitful. For them, it is an epitome of ideal male enhancement aid that has no comparison with any other similar product.

The secret to an excellent sexual performance lies in quality erections and high sex drive. And Male Extra directly works on these two crucial points.

Sex drive, of course is the eagerness and desire to involve in sexual activities, without which of course, you can never enjoy intimacy with your partner. However, age and day to day stress work to stampede your sexual desire, affecting the special feelings you have for your partner. All this, ultimately affects your relation, leaving your partner unsatisfied and distanced from you.

On the other hand, a big turn off for a woman is soft erections. That is an erected penis that is too soft to create pleasure for her. Likewise, early ejaculation is another common problem that leaves women dissatisfied in bed.

But luckily, Male Extra is a problem solver here. A formula like this can be best counted as an ideal sex performance enhancer!


  • Male Extra is the best of the best male enhancement pills for men.
  • The product is the market ruler with millions of contented consumers
  • With benefits like hardcore erections and high libido.
  • Male Extra becomes a supplement that introduces you to the peaks of pleasure.
  • Male Extra is no typical male enhancer.
  • It targets and addresses every single problem that affects your performance in bed.
  • Men with no control on ejaculations are more likely to benefit from the effects of Male Extra.
  • The supplement enables you to understand the ‘true’ meanings of orgasms!
  • Male Extra does not affect your health in anyway.
  • It comes with no hidden or uninvited side effects.
  • The pills do not keep you waiting for the results.
  • It is one of the active and fast working formulas that produce results in days.
  • With a remarkable 3 months money back guarantee, the product becomes more of a value.


Some key advantages you are guaranteed to gain from Male Extra are:

  • A boosted sex drive: Yes, the very key advantage of using Male Extra is the increase in libido. Of course, you need to feel special before you make her feel special and for that, you need to have a good sex drive! The drive that can drag you to her.
  • All night staying stamina: Imagine, the level of intimacy with a body that lacks stamina. Remember, women prefer passionate love making, which is only possible through high-intensity stamina. With Male Extra, you can gain infinite stamina that can keep you going all night!
  • Rock hard erections: At some point, women can compromise on size, but they can never enjoy intercourse with a soft erected penile. Of course, then what will create the pleasure for them? Male Extra enables solid, rock hard erections, dealing with one of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
  • Excellent control on ejaculations: A memorable intercourse is one that lasts to a point a woman says enough! With Male Extra, this is very much possible. Yes, you can simply overcome premature ejaculations with this very natural and very effective formula. So, get ready to multiply your intercourse timings and give her powerful orgasms in a single attempt!
  • Inconceivable orgasmic pleasure: yes, the climax is as important as the entire movie! Apart from giving her a toe curling climax, Male Extra will put you in a better position to experience one. With heavy load, end the situation with a happy note! Bigger cumshots will surely make your girl go crazy for you!


The formula is based on some proven ingredients like Maca extract, Epimediaum sagittatum, Tongkat ali extract and zinc. As per the fact based evidences, these essential components of Male Extra encompass the ability to promote sex hormones, which can then bring forth the results expected by the consumers.

But the good does not end here! Male Extra has something more in it, something that is heavily credited for its male enhancement effects. That something is Pomegranate! The super-fruit that is more like a synonym of Viagra. Yes, Pomegranate is that effective.

Research on Pomegranate has found that the fruit can greatly aid men with their sexual abnormalities. Not just the abnormalities, the fruit holds great significance for a man’s overall sexual health.

Basically, what makes the fruit a true value for men is its ability to shuttle more blood to their genital regions. As we know, ample blood delivery to the genital area, especially to the penile is favorable for stronger erections.

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If you wish to enjoy an incredible sexual experience, with intense sex drive and extreme orgasmic pleasure, look no further than Male Extra and VigRX Plus. Well it’s surely the right time to take your sexual performance beyond par!